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Lg Stylo 3 Plus Headphone Jack

The new lg stylo 3 plus has a brand new earbuds style design. It is a 5. 5mm headphone jack splitter earbuds with audio jack for your phone, tablets, and books. The earbuds can also act as a headset and listen to your phone while you're away from home.

Jack For Smartphones

2.5mm Female to 3.5mm Male

By ODEMobile


Earphone Jack Converter
3.5 mm with Microphone and Playback Control Stereo Headset For LG Stylo 3 Plus

3.5 mm with Microphone and

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Cheap Lg Stylo 3 Plus Headphone Jack

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Lg Stylo 3 Plus Headphone Jack Ebay

The lg stylo 3 plus has two audio jacksplits and an audio spooler on the front. It also has two headphonejacks and an audio in/out on the back. The product is designed to help you connect your smartphone, computer, or tablet to your home entertainment center. This earphone has a headphone jack that makes using it as a microphone for audio. The earphones also include two other earpods for charging and use as an audio device. The lg stylo 3 plus is the perfect earphone for using an audio application or application that requires a microphone. the lg stylo 3 plus has an advanced audio tech that creates head-less fashion headphones for smail evans. These headphones have a detachable cable and an advanced sound quality because of it. It also has a side optimistic screen that shows you how to use the headphones and get the most out of the headphones. this product is a wireless bluetooth earphones headset and it comes with a storage bag for it. The stylo 7 6 5 4 3 2 plus has two antennas to make sure your audio is clear and sound is loud and clear.